Authors Live and Die Over Reviews

Authors are an insecure group. We toil in private, some receiving no feedback until their manuscript reaches a contest judge or editor. When a book is finally released, especially one by a small or indie press, the publisher’s author loop lights up with worried posts.

My book released two weeks/one month/six weeks (pick any that apply) ago, and still no reviews! Agghh!

Marquee authors have no trouble lining up advance quotes and reviews. But the rest of us… It took awhile for my first Young Adult novel, Spell Check, to build traction. I didn’t breath easily until Clean Teen Fiction gave it a wonderful review, and it garnered 5 Stars and became the Book of the Month at the Long and Short of It Reviews (LASR).

I knew my second book, Spell Struck, was at least as good, if not better. But as the weeks ticked by without any reviews (other than raves on Facebook) I began to worry. Spell Struck seemed in danger of becoming the forgotten middle child when my third book, Spell Fire, debuted just three months after Spell Struck’s July 2013 release.

One night while checking my Author Central stats on Amazon, I clicked on Reviews and was astonished to see a 5 Star, extremely well written review of Spell Struck. My elation continued when shortly thereafter, Sarah E. Bradley reviewed Spell Struck in the November issue of InD’Tale Magazine.

Spell Struck (Teen Wytche Saga #2),
by Ariella Moon
 InD’Tale Magazine
5 Stars, Crowned Heart for Excellence
Review by Sarah E.Bradley
“A fantastic YA paranormal read, reminiscent of the film “Practical Magic”! Spell Struck combines quirky but fun teen characters dealing with new schools, romance, and family problems, with magic,
and more serious topics like suicide and kidnapping.””Readers who haven’t read “Spell Check” will want to go back and read it, just to enjoy more of Salem and her fun friends. Any reader who enjoys YA paranormal should definitely add “Spell Struck” to their list!”


Spell Struck may be off to a reassuring start, but it has a long way to go. The number of reviews as well as the assigned ratings  are key to a book’s ranking and sales.

And what of Spell Fire, the third book in the Teen Wytche Saga? I’m in the midst of a book blast (see links below), and several reviews are expected during the December online book tour. Meanwhile, I will be holding my breath and checking Amazon and Barnes and Noble for more happy surprises.


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