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5 Things You Should Know About the New Moon on New Year’s Day


1. It’s a SuperMoon.

There will be five SuperMoons (perigee moons) in 2014. Two will occur in January. Each will bring an extra energetic boost to any magic or intentions.

2. The New Moon on January 1st carries the Capricorn push to change and cleanse.

The goat and the motto I USE, symbolize Capricorn. Any resolution you make on January 1st will have the full force of the goat butting you up whatever mountain you choose to conquer. So only set intentions you plan to keep. Remember to shed that which no longer serves you, in order to make room for the new.

 3. Planets in Retrograde

The retrograde movements of Venus and Jupiter may hinder workings around love, relationships, luck, and travel.

4. The Earth Energy of Capricorn

The Capricorn New Moon is good for building up to a breakthrough. But first you must face up to your responsibilities (the grounding aspect of earth signs).

5. New Moons are New Beginnings

Look within and ask yourself, “What is in my highest good?” Then have faith you can manifest the life you say you want.

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Spell Struck Book Trailer


Even before I took a class in Transmedia for writers, I had longed to make book trailers for my Teen Wytche Saga books. As a technophobe, I didn’t expect to make the trailers myself. Rather, I’ve been searching for someone to hire. The perfect candidate, i figured, would be someone like my daughter – young, tech savvy, creative. Too bad Brilliant Beautiful Daughter was busy getting her Engineering and Technology degree in the midwest.

Dissolve to last week when Brilliant Beautiful Daughter graduated and decided to escape snowy Indiana and thaw out with me in sunny southern California. We de-stressed with pedicures and retail shopping. Then, when boredom crept in, she volunteered to introduce me to the wonderful world of iMovie and Garageband. 

Oh. So that’s what those icons are for.

I set to work writing the script and finding photos and video to incorporate in the movie. Whittling my second book, Spell Struck, down to a few key sentences was almost as difficult as choosing the music to accompany the text and visuals. Here’s our debut effort:


This morning my daughter hopped a plane for the east coast. Drat! I still have two more book trailers to make!

Time to call the Apple store and take a class in movie making.

Meanwhile, what was the coolest thing you ever created with iMovie? 


Amazon Gift Card/Paypal Cash Giveaway!


I am kicking off my Spell Fire Book Tour hosted by I am a Reader, with a $25.00 Amazon Gift card or Paypal cash Giveaway.

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Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!

~Ariella Moon

Paranormal Research the Shamanic Way

Michael over at SciFi got more than he expected when he asked me how I researched dragon shamans, entity eaters, demons and romance for my latest release, Spell Fire.



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Astraea Press Pitch Party!

Attention Aspiring Authors!

Open Submissions

Do you have a fabulous completed manuscript?  

My publisher, Astraea Press, is having a Pitch Party on Friday, December 13. Visit them on Facebook, leave your pitch and and email address, and if they like what they read, they’ll get back to you. Keep in mind, Astraea Press is a niche publisher specializing Pure Fiction. No erotica. No swearing.”Nothing you wouldn’t want your Aunt Betty to read.”


Good luck!

~Ariella Moon

The Romance Studio Interviews Ariella Moon

Holly Hewson from the Romance Studio (TRS) dazzled me with her well-researched interview questions.

Her post is live on the TRS Christmas Party page.



Hope you can stop by!

~Ariella Moon


Christmas Surprise

Her parents ditch her at Christmas.

A dragon wants to be her new BFF.

And no one will discuss the hissing spell book.

Second worst Christmas EVER.

Spell Fire

By Ariella Moon

The Teen Wytche Saga #3
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When best-selling author Heather Gray invited me to guest blog on her Christmas Blog Extravaganza, I found myself reliving the Christmases of my childhood and the war over whether to open presents on Christmas Eve, or wait until Christmas morning.

When to open presents, and my biggest Christmas surprise as a child are revealed at:

While you are on Heather’s blog, be sure to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a free pdf. copy of Spell Check, Spell Struck, or Spell Fire.


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