Spell Struck Book Trailer


Even before I took a class in Transmedia for writers, I had longed to make book trailers for my Teen Wytche Saga books. As a technophobe, I didn’t expect to make the trailers myself. Rather, I’ve been searching for someone to hire. The perfect candidate, i figured, would be someone like my daughter – young, tech savvy, creative. Too bad Brilliant Beautiful Daughter was busy getting her Engineering and Technology degree in the midwest.

Dissolve to last week when Brilliant Beautiful Daughter graduated and decided to escape snowy Indiana and thaw out with me in sunny southern California. We de-stressed with pedicures and retail shopping. Then, when boredom crept in, she volunteered to introduce me to the wonderful world of iMovie and Garageband. 

Oh. So that’s what those icons are for.

I set to work writing the script and finding photos and video to incorporate in the movie. Whittling my second book, Spell Struck, down to a few key sentences was almost as difficult as choosing the music to accompany the text and visuals. Here’s our debut effort:



This morning my daughter hopped a plane for the east coast. Drat! I still have two more book trailers to make!

Time to call the Apple store and take a class in movie making.

Meanwhile, what was the coolest thing you ever created with iMovie? 



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