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Ariella Moon Book Signing and Sale!

SC The Magic is Back

Please join Ariella Moon at the Palm Springs Writers Guild free meeting Saturday, January 6, 2018. Super-agent and author Donald Maass of The Donald Maass Literary Agency will be the speaker, and Ariella Moon will be signing and selling her books!

Rancho Mirage Library, 71-100 CA-111, Rancho Mirage, CA. 1:30-4:00 PM.

Books on Writing by Donald Maas: http://maassagency.com/books-on-writing/

Young Adult Fiction and Fantasy books by Ariella Moonhttp://www.ariellamoon.com


Great Opportunity For Aspiring Authors

Romance signMF

Why should you enter a writing contest?

  1. To gain valuable feedback.
  2. To gain access to acquiring editors and agents.
  3. To improve your craft.

pen and notebook MF

Toronto Romance Writers is accepting entries from unpublished writers for The Catherine 2017* from December 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017. Permission to forward is granted and encouraged!

Grand Prize

The Gold Ticket Round winner and runner-up will receive a three-month mentorship with a published author.

Mentors:  Molly O’Keefe and Eve Silver

Judge:  Kristin Nelson, Nelson Literary Agency

Finalist Round

The top three entries in each category from the preliminary round will advance to the Finalist Round. Each entry in the Finalist Round will be judged by one acquiring agent and one editor.

Each first place winner in their category will receive a critique by a published author prior to advancing to the Gold Ticket Round.


Agent:  Shira Hoffman, McIntosh & Otis

Editor:  Deb Werksman, Sourcebooks

Published Author:  Stefanie London


Agent:  Jill Marsal, Marsal Lyon Literary Agency

Editor:  Piya Campana, Harlequin

Published Author:  Mary Sullivan


Agent:  Courtney Miller-Callihan, Handspun Literary

Editor:  Brenda Chin, Entangled Publishing

Published Author:  Christine d’Abo


Agent:  Laura Bradford, Bradford Literary Agency

Editor:  Jennie Conway, St. Martin’s Press,

Published Author:  Ann Lethbridge


Agent:  Janna Bonikowski, The Knight Agency

Editor:  Allison Carroll, Harlequin, Graydon House Books

Published Author:  Kate James


Agent:  Jim McCarthy, Dystel, Goderich & Bourett LLC

Editor:  Angela James, Carina Press

Published Author:  Morgan Rhodes


Agent:  Stacy Donaghy, Donaghy Literary Group

Editor:  Elizabeth May, Kensington Publishing

Published Author:  Kelley Armstrong


Agent:  Vanessa Robins, The Corvisiero Literary Agency

Editor:  Annie Berger, Sourcebooks

Published Author:  Juliana Stone


Preliminary Round 

Each entry will receive guaranteed feedback.

Judges: Toronto Romance Writers’ members.

*For the complete rules and regulations, please visit torontoromancewriters.com

Which Class of Author Are You?

Literary agent, author, and speaker Donald Maas has much to say in his thought-provoking article about the literary class system. Anyone in publishing or trying to break into publishing, is acutely aware of the hierarchy, but few have defined it so well.

What separates a “First Class” author from the rest? Are there opportunities for upward mobility? Donald Mass answers these questions and more at:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


For the chance to win an e-book from the Teen Wytche Saga, join the Romance is in the Air Giveaway at http://www.ariellamoon.blogspot.com


Astraea Press Pitch Party!

Attention Aspiring Authors!

Open Submissions

Do you have a fabulous completed manuscript?  

My publisher, Astraea Press, is having a Pitch Party on Friday, December 13. Visit them on Facebook, leave your pitch and and email address, and if they like what they read, they’ll get back to you. Keep in mind, Astraea Press is a niche publisher specializing Pure Fiction. No erotica. No swearing.”Nothing you wouldn’t want your Aunt Betty to read.”



Good luck!

~Ariella Moon

Ariella Moon Q & A Today at the Astraea Press Book Club

Please join authors Jeff Salter and Ariella Moon

at the Astraea Press Book Club on Facebook


10 a.m. until noon PDT

October 28, 2013

We’ll be happy to answer your questions about writing, spell casting, 

publishing, and more.



Get Your Romance Manuscript In Front of An Agent or Editor

The deadline to enter the Heart To Heart writing contest is August 31st.

Once again, I will be a first round judge for the Heart To Heart Contest. This is a great contest for aspiring romance writers. You will get great feedback from the first round judges, and if you are a finalist, your work will be seen by industry professionals in your sub-genre. Deadline 8/31 to enter.

The *2013 Heart To Heart Contest,* sponsored by the San Francisco Area Romance Writers of America, has three great final judges in every category!

(Two editors and an agent.)


Paranormal, Erotic, Contemporary, Historical, and Young Adult


The magical scene in which your hero and heroine meet for the first time,
maximum 15 pages (with an optional one-page set-up, unjudged


Cost*: $15 fee for SFA RWA members, $20 fee for non-members  (no
additional expense for paper and postage since our contest is fully

*August 31, 2013 *— Deadline for E-submissions
*September 30, 2013 *—First-Round Finalists Notification
*November 1, 2013 *— Final Round Winners Announced

Eligibility: Open to all writers unpublished by an RWA-approved publisher as of the entry deadline.

Scoring: Scoring is based on 20 key areas.  First round entries receive
four scores with the lowest being dropped.  The top three entries are
forwarded to the final judges.

First Round Judges: Our first round judges include RWA PRO and PAN
members.  Each entry is matched with at least one published author.

Final Judges: *Three in each category: one agent, one print editor, and one e-pub editor

*Top Prize*: Certificate


For contest overview, official rules, entry form, and score sheets go to:***


For questions, contact our contest coordinator at: 2013heart2heart@gmail.com

Book Readers Have Spoken!

Book readers are out there. They are hungry for well-written books and will seek out their favorite authors. But how do authors, especially those who are self published or small press published, find them?

Questions Authors Ask Themselves

  • How can I break out of the pack?
  • Social media! Where should I start?
  • Social media is stealing hours from my writing time. How should I invest my time?
  • Is advertising worth my limited resources? If so, then where should I invest my adverting dollars?

Marie Force, a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, researched these questions and more in a recent survey. The results may surprise you.


Spell Check and Spell Struck, Book 1 & 2: The Teen Wytche Saga by Ariella Moon

Spell Check and Spell Struck, Book 1 & 2: The Teen Wytche Saga by Ariella Moon